Electrostatic Air Purifier for Oil Mist Extraction:- The lubricant and cooling oil, Cutting Oil are easy to be gasified by the heat coming out during milling and grinding, CNC operations of the hi-speed operating equipments. These oil mists / Fume contain poisonous PCB (polychlorobiphenyl), which is severely harmful to the operating worker and infectant to the air. Cleantek Oil Mist Collector collects and removes the dangerous mist, fume keeps the air fresh clean in the workshop, and even helps prolong the maintenance period of the machines. Dust Collector: Dust control is must for all kind processing industry to safeguard for working labours and machineries from hazardous dust. CLEANTEK manufacture unit dust extractors, dust collectors from high quality raw materials, this range includes our efficient Dust Collectors. Dust Collection Systems are widely used to increase Productivity and provide a Cleaner Work Environment in manufacturing plants. For that application we design and develop dust Source capture system in different industries for many applications. Some special features of our Industrial Dust Collector like strong suction power, compact size and running in very low noise level. We offer custom made Wet Dust Collector units for OEM clients in stainless steel version. Our Dust Collectors are widely in demand due to their excellent features and design. These equipment are very capable in collecting all the dust easily and requires no maintenance for years. We stand in the midst of blooming Dry Dust Collector manufacturers and suppliers in India. CLEANTEK Three Phase Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for continuous running and heavy duty applications. Our machines are 24 hours continues running usages. Our Industrial grade vacuums are used in different industries like, foundry, pump industries, pharma etc… Our high performance Three Phase Dry Vacuum Cleaner is manufactured from the optimum quality raw materials as per the national and international quality standards. Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner provided by us is highly appreciated for low consumption of electricity and high filtration efficiency. Floor and walls cleaning Textile looms cleaning Fabric cleaning Machines and other parts cleaning Oil / water / Liquid cleaning Continuous suction requirements Dust extraction in welding machines, and other process machines. ATM machines cleaning Office cleaning Vacuum transfer system for powder Manufacturers Vacuum conveyor Manufacturers Vacuum conveying system Manufacturers Vacuum conveyor Manufacturers Pharmaceutical Vacuum transfer system Manufacturers Textile Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in Chennai & Bangalore Cleantek Knitting Mills Vacuum Unit Manufacturers in Chennai & Bangalore Pillow Cover Cleaning machine Manufacturers in Chennai & Bangalore Blower Manufacturers Paint Booth and Tables Manufacturers Odor Filters Manufacturers Dust Extraction Tables Manufacturers Car Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers Cyclone Dust Collector Manufacturers Floor Scrubber Machine Manufacturers Scrubber Driers Manufacturers