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Cleantek Products: Unit Dust Collectors Manufacturers Welding Fume Extraction System Manufacturers Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipments Manufacturers Dust Extraction System Manufacturers Vehicle Fume Exhaust Extraction Systems Manufacturers Centralized Dust Vacuum System Manufacturers Oil Mist Collection System Manufacturers Paint Booth Manufacturers Dust Collection System Manufacturers Fume killer System Aeration Blower Manufacturers CentriFugal Blower Manufacturers Centralized Dust and Fume Extraction System Manufacturers
Centrifugal Blower: Heavy Duty Industrial Blower - Belt Drive & Direct Drive Manufacturers Industrial Air Blower for Suction and Blowing Manufacturers High Pressure Centrifugal Blower Manufacturers Industrial Dust Collector Manufacturers Fuel Tank Buffing and Grinding Machine Manufacturers Fine Dust Collectors with Catridge Filters Manufacturers Fuel Tank Buffing Machine with Down Draft Table Manufacturers Automobile and Motorcycle Fume Exhaust System Manufacturers Buffing Machine With Dust Collector Manufacturers Gold Buffing Dust Extraction System Manufacturers Dust or Fumes Extraction Systems Manufacturers Fume and Mist Extraction Systems Manufacturers Welding Fumes Extraction Systems Manufacturers Portable Fume Extractor Manufacturers Stationary Fume Extractor Manufacturers Wall Mounted Fume Extractor Manufacturers Custom Made Fume Exhaust System Manufacturers Dust Exhaust System Manufacturers Fume Exhaust Systems Manufacturers Manufacturers of Fume Extraction Systems in Soldering Dust Collection System Manufacturers
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Laser Dust Extractor : Cleantek manufacturing Laser dust & fume extraction / collection system in various airflow and pressure capacities. We are doing centyralized dust Extraction system for multiple Suction points. Features: Compact in Size Filtration capacity @99.9 % Multiple filtration stages Filter easy to replace & maintenance Continuous running IP55 Induction motor Available in 100 cmh to 20000 cmh airflow extraction capacity Optional Flame proof motor Applications: Laser Cutting Laser Engraving Laser Welding Laser Marking Other process by Laser... Other Products: Hot air Generator Downdraught Bench Modular Dust Extraction system Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Downdraught bench with automated filter cleaning system Paint Booth Parts Drying Parts Cooling
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Air Blower Manufacturers: Fume Extraction System Manufacturers • Soldering Fume Extractor • Welding Fume Extractor • Extraction Arms & Ducting’s Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipments Manufacturers • Dry Vacuum Cleaner • Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner • Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Dust Extraction System Manufacturers • Unit Dust Collector • Dry Grinding Dust Collector • Process Dust Extraction System • Centralized multi point dust extraction Systems Vehicle Fume Exhaust Extraction Systems Manufacturers Centralized Dust Vacuum System Manufacturers
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Air Knife Cleantek Manufacturing air knife units in various length and flow Ranges. Applications: Bottle drying air knife system Meat / Fish drying Debris Blow off Liquid blow off Dust Blowing Parts Cooling PCB circuit board hole cleaning PCB circuit board drying Parts Drying Food packages drying Mechanical parts drying Machined parts drying Our other products: Hot air Generator Manufacturers Hot Air Blowers Manufacturers Downdraught Bench Manufacturers Modular Dust Extraction system Manufacturers Downdraft bench with automated filter cleaning system Manufacturers Ring Blowers Manufacturers Side Channel Blowers Manufacturers Centrifugal Blowers Manufacturers Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers