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Ring Blower Cleantek Manufacturing Ring Blowers for aeration usage in STP, ETP, Metal Coating and Fish Ponds. Our Blower Airflow capacity starts from 75 CMH to 1200 CMH and pressure form 750 mm of wg to 6000 mm of Wg. Blower are Made with aluminium die casting to withstand the High Pressure and Temperature. Cleantek Ring Blower are suitable for continous running in aeration Industry. Ring Blowers also called as Side Channel Blower or Regenerative blower or Turbine Blower. Manufacture of Ring Blowers in Different Voltages High Quality Ring Blowers Manufacturers Belt Drive Ring Blowers Manufacturers Fish Pond Blowers Manufacturers Ring Blowers Features Oil Free Air Delivery Pulsation -Free Discharge Less Maintenance Consume less current Low Noise Level High Pressure Delivery
CLEANTEK Ring blowers, side channel blowers, regenerative vacuum blowers are high pressure and vacuum generating, Also our blower running in low noise, reliable and robust structure design for industrial machine and medical applications of vacuum suction or pressure air supply use. Fish Bond aeration blower Oxygen supply Blower
Air Knife Cleantek manufacturers of various length Air Knife with High Pressure Blowers. Air Knife is used for drying various components before packing , surface drying for printing. in major application are bottle Drying, Pet bottles Drying etc Compact in Size Various Length available High Pressure air Low cost with high life construction
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