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Manufacturer of Vacuum Blower Fume Collector & Fume Extractor In Coimbatore by CLEANTEK Vacuum Blowers, Fume Collector, Fume Extractor, Dust Collector, Pneumatic Vacuum Loader, Pneumatic Conveying System Mist Collector, Dust Collector Non Woven Filter Bags, Cleantek, Coimbatore
Brazing Fume Extractor Soldering Fume Extractor Centralized Soldering Fume Extractor Tabletop Soldering Fume Extractor All kind of brazing and soldering processes such as hand soldering or robotic soldering process produce hazardous fumes with fine dust. These fumes and dust are a health and safety risk and should workers be exposed to them they can cause serious long-term medical treatments. CLEANTEK fume extraction systems are provided for you and your workers, to enable capture of pollutants at the source. Our fume extractor benefits such as, cleaner more efficient production, increased product quality and improved working environments.
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CLEANTEK Offer High Quality Industrial Cleaning & Pollution control Equipments
Flux Recovery System, Heavy Duty Submerged Arc Flux Recovery Equipment, Portable Flux Recovery Unit, Submerged Arc Flux Handling Equipment, Super Duty Vacuum Blower, Manufacturer of Flux Recovery Unit - Dual Filtration Flux Recovery Unit, Industrial Flux Recovery Unit, Commercial Flux Recovery Unit and Boom Mounted Flux Recovery Unit, Sturdy Compact Flux Recovery Systems, Super Flux Recovery System, Basic Flux Recovery System, Ejector, Cyclone, Filter, CLEANTEK offers a complete line of Flux Recovery Hose and Tools to meet your application
CLEANTEK Ring blowers, side channel blowers, regenerative vacuum blowers are high pressure and vacuum generating, Also our blower running in low noise, reliable and robust structure design for industrial machine and medical applications of vacuum suction or pressure air supply use. Fish Bond aeration blower Oxygen supply Blower
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cleantek wet & dry vacuum cleaner, compact size, Immediate delivery, with necessary attachments